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Help for the Web site HiaOnline.

If you login you get an option to the more links at the top.
This link is My Account Here you can find everything concerning your own work.
Under this option, you will find the following links.
- My Account
- My password
- My package
- My Domains
- Be Defined fields
- My Domains tokon / authcode
- My website
- My invoices
- Direct admin
- My e-mails
- My SQL admin

My Account.
Here you can update your details.
You can add various data such as:
First Name, Last Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Country, Phone, Email Newsletter and change.
Please note if you are a business registered with us and you knew that.
Then you can apply again through HiaOnline.

my password.
Here you can change the password and the username.

My package .
Under My package are the packages that you ordered from us.
You can also upgrade packages or order a new package.

My domains.
Here you can find all the domains you have geregisterd.
You can use the unsubscribe link cancel the domain.
The termination contract runs until the end.

terminated domains.
Here you can find all domains terminated.
Includes Tokon / Authcode if you have a buyer of you domain
you can still move with the Tokon / Authcode.
Also, you can click an undo the cancellation.
By clicking Cancel.

My website.
Here you will find websites that are created by HiaOnline.

my bills.
These are the bills that are sent to you by HiaOnline.
You can click on an invoice and it immediately opened.
If the bill is open then you can also save the invoice in the computer.
Click on the diskette symbol.

Direct admin.
DirectAdmin can log in directly to your account.
Here you can modify everything and add.
Help in Direct Admin

My E-mails.
Here you can login directly to your e-mails.

My SQL admin.
Opens PHPADMIN for the SQL database.


Hosting at very low prices.
Package from 500 MB.
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Security cameras at
very low prices.
Through the internet always aware
of your home or office.
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Service for hosting and web
design. Our service is free.
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Support for all problems.
Our support is ready for you.
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The number of visitors
Domain registration 4003
The number of login 2423
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Domain name registration


HiaOnline is a Netherlands-based web hosting company
care for your website at competitive prices.
From 3 Euros per month you have a very extensive
hosting package. Besides web hosting, we also
domain names. Already have a hosting plan elsewhere?
You can move within a few hours.


Often, our technical staff problems
distance problems. If not, then we remedy
the problem as soon as possible on site.
Is it a business point of failure,
including failure of a server or a significant
workstation, then we solve it within 12 hours
for you. Non-critical failures
be solved within 2 days. Course
you decide whether or not a problem
mission critical to your organization!
Our helpdesk is also unlimited
Visit our (potential)
customers from Monday through Sunday


Besides repairs and maintenance on our site
place or at your workplace, there are
many other service-related issues
where we can support you, including:
the immediate exchange of defective products
Pick up and return HiaOnline angle and PC Service
delivers and installs replacement hardware
periodic maintenance or peripherals
(Whether or not the basis of a maintenance,
response or service contract) mediation
to the manufacturer to guarantee arrangements
Registration: accurately track how often,
when and what questions your staff
use our helpdesk and optionally
measures such as additional instructions
to users or modifications
the ICT infrastructure.



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Domain register.
With us you can register
a domain at low cost.
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We create a web site for you
At very low cost.
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Logo design we make ready
several logos. A logo
desired at low cost.
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