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If you login you get an option to the more links at the top.
This link is My Account Here you can find everything concerning your own work.
Under this option, you will find the following links.
- My Account
- My password
- My package
- My Domains
- Be Defined fields
- My Domains tokon / authcode
- My website
- My invoices
- Direct admin
- My e-mails
- My SQL admin

My Account.
Here you can update your details.
You can add various data such as:
First Name, Last Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Country, Phone, Email Newsletter and change.
Please note if you are a business registered with us and you knew that.
Then you can apply again through HiaOnline.

my password.
Here you can change the password and the username.

My package .
Under My package are the packages that you ordered from us.
You can also upgrade packages or order a new package.

My domains.
Here you can find all the domains you have geregisterd.
You can use the unsubscribe link cancel the domain.
The termination contract runs until the end.

terminated domains.
Here you can find all domains terminated.
Includes Tokon / Authcode if you have a buyer of you domain
you can still move with the Tokon / Authcode.
Also, you can click an undo the cancellation.
By clicking Cancel.

My website.
Here you will find websites that are created by HiaOnline.

my bills.
These are the bills that are sent to you by HiaOnline.
You can click on an invoice and it immediately opened.
If the bill is open then you can also save the invoice in the computer.
Click on the diskette symbol.

Direct admin.
DirectAdmin can log in directly to your account.
Here you can modify everything and add.
Help in Direct Admin

My E-mails.
Here you can login directly to your e-mails.

My SQL admin.
Opens PHPADMIN for the SQL database.


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Private policy

Changed on 01-01-2016
Internet makes as lot of things possible.
By means of Internet you can get in contact
with people all over the world, everywhere
services and products order and information
you receive which are customized to your
wishes. Also HiaOnline offer several services.
For those services we need sometimes
information of you as a customer. The rules
mentioned below we have established
ourselves which is for you a guarantee to that
we will handle you’re your information
with care. YOU can keep us to these rules
at all times.

As HiaOnline fixes personal details you are
informed about that: you have always
the possibility of ensuring that your
data is not fixed: that can however
mean that you can not use our services.

HiaOnline does its best that all correct
data provided by you at registration and put
you insofar technically possible,
itself enable your data to adapt.

If incorrect data concerning you have been
fixed, HiaOnline will remove these. YOU can
appeal this written and send this too:

HiaOnline can combine by you given data
with information obtained on the basis of your
use of the services for on this basis
the contents of our services on your wishes adapt.

The registered data are not your realising
authorisation by third parties and also
without your authorisation are not transferred
to third parties, except in the event that:

It is necessary for the well functioning of the
services which by partners of HiaOnline are offered.
If you use of services of partners of
HiaOnline apply on that moment the rules
of that partner in the field of privacy.

HiaOnline here legally oblige becomes or if this
necessarily is the rights of users of the
services or protect the rights of HiaOnline.

HiaOnline can apply cookies to recognise you
as a user more easily and navigation by
simplifying our services. If you put no price
on this you can block received cookies in your browser.

By your provided information can be used for
the services of partners of HiaOnline to
your wishes to adapt.

By your provided information given up can become
used specifically to aim commercial messages at you.

If you put no price on commercial messages of
HiaOnline, HiaOnline on your request
[in writing or by e-mail] will
conclude the sending of it.

If it concerns commercial messages of HiaOnline
can address you your request to these HiaOnline.

Advertisers at HiaOnline or partners of HiaOnline
can apply cookies for quality of their
advertisement campaign to improve. By means
of these cookies it is possible for their,
to keep up which sites, on which they advertise,
are visited by you. HiaOnline have stipulated
that these data are not coupled to your personal details.

HiaOnline keep themselves the right for this
privacy adapt declaration. Each adaptation
will be published on this page.

Further information on cookies: Cookies are
small text files which are used to recognise an
Internet user and thereby personalised
information or advertisements to offer.
Cookies are no programms those on the system
of a user turns and files can damage.
The cookies such as HiaOnline and partners
of HiaOnline, who use, make it for example.
Possible to see which sites have you visited.
HiaOnline only knows of its own sites which
of it have you visited. Advertisers can only
of the sites on which they advertise to see
which of it have you visited.

These data are among others used to examine the
performance of an advertisement. An example of
this is the number of times that the same
expression to the same user is shown.
With cookie it is occurred that a user gets
each time the same repeat publicity message.

Moreover can be measured by means of cookies,
how much unique visitors have a certain site
and for example how much new unique visitors
come thereby the next month. This is valuable
information campaign well is able plan. You
want accept no cookies, then to have you always
the possibility cookie-functionality of your
browser of turning off. Further information
about this can ask you at the manufacturer
of your browser. In many cases that Netscape or
Microsoft will be. Look on
for further information of Netscape concerning
cookies or on
for further information of Microsoft on cookies.
By means of you can
take contact with HiaOnline concerning this privacy declaration.
Written communication can address you to:




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